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Precision Tax is led by owners Scott Gettis and Gene Haag. Our team consists of CPAs, IRS Enrolled Agents and Tax Attorneys. We maintain an A+ Rating with the BBB and recently won the BBB Torch Award for Ethics in 2019.

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Why Choose Precision Tax Relief?1

the Choice is clear PRECISION TAX RELIEF
BBB Rating  A+
BBB Torch Award for Ethics  2019
BBB Accredited  Yes
Google Reviews Rating  5.0
Trust Pilot Rating  5.0
Trust Pilot Reviews  1189
Experience  1967
Money Back Guarantee  Yes
last updated 11/25/2020

We Can Help You With

  • IRS Tax Representation
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Bank Levies
  • Tax Liens
  • Revenue Officers
  • Back Tax Returns
  • Payroll Tax Problems
  • Current Year Tax Preparation
  • Bookkeeping

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If you have IRS tax liability, we can help you resolve your tax problem too.

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  • Clients with savings up to $100,000
  • Clients with savings over $100,000

Our Recent Client Results2

Name State Owed Paid Saved
Saul TX $321,716 $4,864 $316,852
Michael FL $130,626 $2,616 $128,010
Lynn CA $107,780 $9,344 $98,436
Gwynne IL $83,030 $6,232 $76,798
Marcia AZ $56,410 $324 $56,086
Garey GA $46,230 $2,688 $43,542
Aaron NY $36,867 $1,152 $35,715
Joseph PA $15,215 $4,536 $10,679

Key Questions when Selecting a Tax Relief Company

Many tax relief firms “gloss over” very important details that you need to consider. Make sure you ask the right questions.

How much is this going to cost me?

Obviously, cost is a primary concern and most people are looking for the best deal. Some people want to know “how much” before they will go any further with discussing their tax problem. Some tax firms prey on these individuals by quoting an upfront fee of between $599 and $2,500. Of course this is not an indication of the total cost and is usually followed with ongoing fees that can total thousands of dollars.

Our approach is to assess your specific situation and quote according to the services necessary to resolve your case, allowing you to know your true costs upfront. We protect you further with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee and a Service Guarantee.

In addition, we understand that our clients are experiencing a debt crisis so we expect to work with them to make resolving it affordable. We tailor our no interest payment plans according to the needs of the client and never require that the fee be paid in advance.

How do Tax Relief Companies usually charge for their services?

There are 4 primary methods, and you need to understand the difference, as many companies’ methods are not transparent and often very misleading.

Flat Fees – All-Inclusive: A flat fee that includes all required services to complete your case is the most reliable way to immediately know the full cost of your case before committing to work with any tax relief company. It also assures that you are working with a company that has professionals on staff that can handle all services associated with your case.

Flat fees - Non-Inclusive: many firms will quote a low fee, but downplay or outright neglect to tell you that they don’t provide some critical services. Ask if your "flat" fee covers all of the services required to resolve you tax issue. Bookkeeping, audit representation and filing your back tax returns are common services that some tax relief companies exclude. Failure to include these services can cause delays and unexpected costs to your case, not to mention the inconvenience of having to find additional professionals to get the work done.

Teaser Fees: Some tax relief firms take advantage of price shoppers by selling them on what appears to be a reasonable upfront “investigation fee,” but then follow up days or weeks into the process to inform them that the remainder of the case is going to be additional $$$$.

Ongoing Fees: Other companies just bill you by the hour, which is by nature a conflict of interest leading to unpredictable, ever growing costs and slow progress of your case.

Why does it matter how long they have been in business?

The time a tax relief company has been in business is important because it is a way to measure their credibility and experience. Tax resolution is a specialized professional service that requires understanding of a dedicated part of tax law and IRS procedures. Companies that can demonstrate an extended track record of strong client service and results can truly be considered credible sources of tax resolution services.

We've been in the tax business since 1967, so we know from experience that 'the other guys' simply don't match up. Our in-house staff includes Tax Attorneys averaging 20 years of experience, IRS Enrolled Agents and CPAs with another 20+ years. In addition to these Tax Resolution experts, we maintain a dedicated staff of licensed Tax Accountants that specialize in preparing current and back tax returns so you can be sure you’re getting credit for every deduction you are entitled to and avoiding future tax filing errors.

Will I really be working with a tax attorney, or just a tax "specialist"?

Most firms claim to have Tax Attorney’s available to represent clients with the IRS. If you ask, you may find that they don't have attorneys on staff at all. Some even use the excuse that they have experienced “temporary staffing variances.” Others technically have attorneys, but won’t tell you that these individuals often are right out of law school, have not passed any state bar exams and have little or no practical experience dealing with the IRS. Be sure to ask if all attorneys on staff have passed a state bar and how much tax resolution experience they have.

Does company size matter?

Yes. Tax relief firms come in all sizes, some with hundreds of employees and others as simple as a single practitioner. Each will tell you why they are positioned better to resolve your tax problem.

However, the large companies will avoid disclosing information about the impact to fees associated with huge operational and advertising costs, as well as the lack of individual attention to clients resulting from the pure volume of cases managed by each employee.

At the other end of the spectrum, very small firms may be generalized law firms or tax practices that lack the specialized expertise required to effectively resolve an IRS tax debt issue.

Can I rely on the other comparison websites to identify the "best" tax relief companies?

Unfortunately, no. The other comparison sites that do exist are fee based advertising sites. Although many of them have an objective component to rating the companies, the top rated companies have paid a fee to be listed as the “Editor’s Pick” or the “Gold Seal Winner.”

Other companies listed on these sites, but that have not paid a fee, are often rated down due to subjective assessment from the editor.

Our approach uses only objective and verifiable data from the companies’ own websites, and other public sources.

Can I trust the Better Business Bureau & TrustPilot?

Absolutely, these are the most reputable online consumer review sites, and only individuals who have actually used that company’s service can provide a review. Many of the top tax relief companies are listed here.

However, don’t stop there...there are many open resources such as and that can provide insight into whether a company has had a just a few mishaps, or a more extensive pattern of customer satisfaction issues.

How can I be certain that the tax relief company I select can resolve my IRS tax problem?

A reputable tax relief company will have done a good job of assessing your situation before you ever spend a penny. If they do, then the tax relief company should have no problem backing their services with a guarantee.

Our approach starts with a complete and free assessment of your case so that we are able to determine what can be done. If your situation requires professional assistance, then we will offer to take on your case. We guarantee our services and will not take on a case that we cannot resolve.

Our ability to accurately assess our client’s situation and pursue the resolution that is applicable to them is a primary reason for our success.

Avoid companies that want to charge you before they investigate your situation or won’t provide you with a contract or guarantee that outlines the total fee or scope of services.

You’ll Be Glad You Chose Precision

Here’s Why…

Honesty, Trust, Results

An A+ rating with the BBB, an untarnished reputation and satisfied customers are some of our rewards for always putting the interest of our clients first.

Back-Tax Experts

Unlike your local Tax Service, our licensed Tax Accountants are up to speed on tax law for multiple years and prepare thousands of prior year tax returns each year.


We will contact the IRS within 24 hours of you becoming a client.


We stand behind our service with a money back guarantee and refund policy.


We won’t take “No” for an answer and will fight for you to the full extent of your taxpayer rights


One flat fee and flexible payment arrangements, and we never request full payment up front.


We’ve been in the tax business for over 50 years and we only employ experienced Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants and IRS Enrolled Agents to manage your case.


We want to be your tax advisor for life and understand that earning that relationship means a daily commitment to service. We will be there for you long after your initial case is resolved to provide tax planning and preparation services that help assure a future free from IRS issues.